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Pay Per Click (PPC)Ads

December 1, 2019
Success Builders

Should You Use PPC Advertising? I am only going to speak to Google Ads because I have been providing these ads for my clients for over ten years. most of the other PPC platforms don’t come close to the results we have experienced with Google Ads. I personally also feel that the PPC on social […]

The Value of a Mentor

November 16, 2019
Success Builders

There is more than one way to become successful in business but when it comes to knowledge there is nothing like time. you can always make more money but you can’t make more time! The good thing about going into business when you are in your teens or twenties you may think you have lot’s […]

Free Marketing Tools

October 1, 2019
Success Builders

Many people I speak with are part of the “If it ain’t free it ain’t for me” club. The question is can you become successful in business being in this club. I guess if you have more time than money and don’t mind taking ten to twenty times longer to reach your goals it is […]

Time For Truth & Tough Love

September 1, 2019
Success Builders

I have over 35 years sales and marketing experience and have been working with business people for over 15 of those years trying to help them become successful at their business. those who know me know that i am a no B.S. person! I would rather be totally honest with you if you are not […]

The Truth About S.E.O.

August 1, 2019
Success Builders

First Things First Before I get into the “meat and potatoes’ of SEO it needs to be understood that no one method of promotion for your online traffic and sales will work well for all businesses. What I will do in the blog is to tell the truth that you will not hear from those […]

Start Making $ Not Excuses

July 1, 2019
Success Builders

About excuses I will agree it is easier to make excuses or blame others for our failures than to blame ourselves or to find out why we had a failure and fix it. In fact most people who only think they are in business will spend more time looking for and making excuses than it […]

How to Fail -“It’s easy”

June 1, 2019
Success Builders

This blog is about why people fail at becoming financially successful. If you are ok with just getting by or just paying the bills you may want to skip this blog post. It is only intended for those who are looking to become financially successful in their business. Most videos, articles, blogs, consultants, coaches and […]

Reputation Management

May 4, 2019
Success Builders

Your reputation is more important today than ever! With all the online websites that provide reviews and testimonials like GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon and more. The good news is if you have positive reviews it can be very good for your business. The Good News The good news is if you have positive reviews and testimonials it can […]

Most all prospects lie!

April 1, 2019
Success Builders

Before I get into why prospects lie… let me ask you a question? If you have a product or service that a customer or client needs do you feel you have a moral obligation to sell them?. . . You should! If you have a lousy product or service you need get another product or […]

STOP Writing Proposals!

March 5, 2019
Success Builders

What? You must be kidding! How can you make any money without writing proposals? Well you can and you will receive more deals and save time. How many times has a potential client said, “Just submit a proposal and we will get back to you”? This happens more times than not especially when people are […]