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About excuses

I will agree it is easier to make excuses or blame others for our failures than to blame ourselves or to find out why we had a failure and fix it. In fact most people who only think they are in business will spend more time looking for and making excuses than it would take to figure out why they failed! I have heard some amazing excuses and also did some research to discover some that I will list below. Most everyone who has used any of these has usually failed at business or in their personal life. First let me tell you some I have heard personally as a reason people did not invest in themselves, their business or would not do what it takes to succeed.

Popular excuses for not attending workshops and seminars.

  1. “I would love to attend but it is an hour away” WHAT? If you are really in business you should be able to travel just about any distance if you really want success!
  2. “I have already heard everything that is going to be said and none of that will help me” I LOVE THIS ONE! “You can’t fix stupid! Enough said!
  3. “I just don’t have the time”. THIS MAY BE TRUE. . . if you are too busy working in your business instead of on your business. That is even more reason you should constantly research and attend quality educational seminars and workshops!
  4. “I can’t afford to attend the workshop right now” “I will when I can afford it”. YOU PROBABLY KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY HERE: “If you think education is expensive try ignorance”. When will you be able to afford it? When you fail? Spoiler alert: You will never be able to afford it but when you fail you will have to blame yourself instead of doing what is needed to succeed.
  5. “What if I try what you say at the workshops and it doesn’t work for me”? “I will have spent money and wasted my time.” THIS IS ONLY BE TRUE . . . if you have a closed mind and not willing to try different things to discover what will work best for your success. The truth is most workshops and seminars will take less time and money than what you are currently doing that isn’t working plus either provide new valuable information or at least verify that you are doing everything correctly. If you receive only one new tool, tip or technique it could make thousands of dollars difference in your business. I think it is probably worth the risk!

Other Interesting or sad excuses I found on the internet! This is NO JOKE!

  1. “I can’t afford to invest in my business right now?
  2. Only lucky people become successful
  3. “I can’t attend because I’m not a morning person
  4. “I can’t attend because I’m not an evening person 
  5. I have children and no time to become successful
  6. I just don’t have the time to become successful
  7. My schedule won’t allow me to attend meetings
  8. I work at a job and it takes up all my time
  9. I’ve tried everything and nothing works
  10. I can’t afford to be successful
  11. They said all I needed was a few friends and family members..and they were wrong
  12. I don’t want to make a mistake
  13. I’m too fat
  14. I’m too skinny
  15. I’m not pretty enough
  16. I can’t do that
  17. That won’t work for me
  18. No one takes me serious
  19. I was born to the wrong parents
  20. I can’t afford to invest in my business to become successful
  21. I’m afraid of what people will think
  22. My spouse won’t let me become successful
  23. All the best ideas are taken
  24. I don’t think I deserve to be successful
  25. I don’t like change
  26. I don’t have the time to become successful
  27. Success is for other people
  28. What if I try and it doesn’t work?
  29. My disability won’t let me
  30. People tell me I can’t be successful
  31. The market conditions are not right
  32. I don’t have the right contacts
  33. I have commitment issues
  34. I’m not a details person
  35. I’m not a big picture person
  36. I’m not creative enough
  37. I can’t afford to do it right
  38. My family is more important
  39. I’m too tired
  40. Success is just to difficult
  41. I have low self esteem
  42. I just can’t sell
  43. I don’t have the right support system
  44. I’m not a competitor
  45. I’m not passionate about becoming successful
  46. The timing just isn’t right
  47. I don’t work well with others
  48. Nobody understands what I am trying to say
  49. If I try now it will be to late
  50. It isn’t my fault, it was the other person’s fault
  51. I need to do things my own way
  52. I don’t have the confidence to become successful

Questions to ask before you decide to make excuses

#1. Is the industry you are in been around more than 2 years? If it has there are probably successful people doing it. If there are others that are successful doing same industry there is no excuse for you not to succeed with the right tools techniques, education and motivation to succeed.

#2. Are there people in your geographic area selling similar products or services? If so, there is no excuse for you not to be able to do the same and if you use all available tools, tips and techniques you can rise above your competition!

#3. Have you heard of anyone else that is more successful than you doing what you do? If so there is no excuse why you can’t become as successful or more successful than them!

The bottom line

If you really want business success all you really need is the desire to succeed, the willingness to do what it takes and be willing to learn from others. No one said success was easy and making mistakes is part of success. I have never heard of any business person who succeeded without taking risks, failing and learning from others. There are no excuses if you really want success!

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