Internet Marketing

The Good News!

If you have a local business you may not need to spend a lot of money marketing your business online if you do a few things the right ways. You also may not need to rely on S.E.O. or spend a lot of time on the typical social media platforms as everyone tries to tell you is needed. If you have a small to medium size business contact us  for a free consultation and we will show you ways to promote your business to receive the best possible results.


The Bad News!

There are a lot of companies out there that will sell you on their social media marketing, S.E.O., and other services that you may not need if you are a samll to medium size local business. If you are a larger business that markets outside you geographical area you may want to explore affordable ways to market effectively to receive the best possible return on your money. Unfortunately there are now a lot of companies that will sell you “their marketing solutions” that are designed to make them money regardless of your success!

Brief Info You Need to Know

  • Social Media may not be your best option for marketing your business
    • There may be a better way!
  • Do you have the right website design for your business?
    • Over 90% of businesses do not have the right design for their business!
  • Never use Google Ads that are done by Google!
    • They are in the business of getting you clicks, not business
  • Paid S.E.O. is not needed to receive first page exposure for most local businesses!

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