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Fact About Website Design

Unfortunately over 90% of websites are designed wrong for the business they represent! This is because of several factors but the biggest is most of the time they are designed by talented graphic designers vs marketing people. Another is the great marketing that has been done by the D.I.Y. “template” platforms like Word press, GoDaddy, Wix and others. They are selling graphic enhanced websites vs websites that are designed to sell! If you are not selling or not trying to make money with your website these are great! If you are in the business of selling you want your website designed by someone with at least 15 years in sales and marketing and also understands how websites need to be designed to provide you with the best possible results for your business.

Should You Use a Template Website?

Most template D.I.Y. designs are not designed for marketing your business properly! That being said if you know what to look for there are a few out there that do a pretty good job. At Success Builders we have found a few designs and also have manipulated them to provide a better result for our clients. Another issue with many of the template D.I.Y. websites is they can be bloated with behind the scenes structure that can make the websites load slowly which is not good for any website.

Website Samples:

The following are just a few examples we have used for our clients and our own templates that work well for some businesses. It is best that we discuss what type website design is best for your business before selecting from one of these templates or a completely different design.

Sample 1:

Website Template 1

Sample 2:

Website Template 2

Sample 3:

Website Template 3

Sample 4:

Website Template 4


Free Website Analysis

With over 18 years internet marketing Success Builders will provide a free website analysis and make recommendations. If requested Success Builders has partnered with the very best and affordable website developers to provide the right website for your business! Success Builders provides a free no obligation analysis of their existing website or we can discuss a new design if requested.

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