Virtual Workshops & Training

Carl Lucchi provides free and low cost workshops and training on over 25 sales and marketing topics. If you are an individual that needs low cost training or has a sales force that needs effective sales training you need to contact us. Contact us for details and free consultation!

How Are Carl’s Workshops Different?

Most workshop “experts” have an addenda! They are structured to get you to buy their book, training, etc. When you attend a Success Builders (Formally Discover Business Success Workshops) you will receive information you need for your business and also will have an opportunity to ask Carl questions and receive answers to help you not sell you! Because Carl has over 45 years sales and marketing experience and worked with multi-million dollar mentors he has a prospective on business that most experts do not have. Carl also constantly researches new and better ways to market your business because he understands what was good last year may not be the best solution for your business this year.

Just A Few Workshop Subjects Carl Has Provided: 

  • Business Success – Do you want it or need it? Most want it . . . but do they need it?
  • Stop following conventional wisdom for more business success
  • Stop Selling, Save Time, and Make More Money
  • Why You Need a Mentor- Discover why you need one and where to find them
  • Reputation Management- and why it is so important in growing your business
  • Your Google Business Profile (Formally Google My business) Why it is important and how to do it!
  • 3 must do’s to survive in business- If you don’t do these you are destined for failure
  • Sell like a drug dealer for more clients or customers – It’s legal and most everyone can do it!
  • Stop asking for referrals! There is a better way!
  • When to and not to provide written proposals! There is a better way!
  • Be distinct or become extinct in your business! Do this to eliminate the competition
  • Why Most People Fail at Conventional Business Networking
  • The Truth about Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click- The dirty little secrets internet marketing companies won’t tell you but will try to sell you!
  • Your Website and Your Business – Most businesses have the wrong web design for their business
  • Video and Your business – Why it is so important and how to do it properly


Training For You or Your Employees

If you or your employees need sales training or marketing assistance, Carl will design and provide the best training for your specific business at a very reasonable fee based on your specific needs.

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