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Selling is not telling. It’s asking.” – Carl Lucchi was the first one to tell me this. The advice came just in time. Carl will freely share his 40 years of Marketing / Advertising / Business Knowledge with you. If you Ask him for the help be ready to listen and do it.”

~ Ivery Kaufman – IVY Capital, LLC


Carl is a dynamic person! I highly and humbly recommend Carl Lucchi and his service from! He is authentic and, offers constructive feedback! Through his impressive career experience, he can easily advise a person or business what will benefit them the most! Making things work better, than what you are presently doing in your business model, is within his scope of expertise. “He is generous with his time and I have spoken to him via messages and live in his Zoom meetings and I find him to be highly effective by giving, empowering, professional and quantifiable advice. He genuinely and generously enjoys helping others network: Recognizing effective marketing skills with structured advice and encouragement, while still capitalizing on individual, innate talent and potential he is a good man to have in your corner!”

~ Lorie Ann Jeroune- Professional Writer

When you know your industry it becomes very easy to determine the difference between the paper tigers and the true masters of the trade. Carl Lucchi is the truth. There are so few people I know who have mastered the five laws of stratospheric success. Carl exemplifies mounds of priceless nuance and information that only come with years and years of experience, skill, sweat, blood, tears, and humility. It is so rare that you meet a consultant’s consultant. So if..and I do stress “if” you get the opportunity to work with Carl, do yourself, your business, and your future the favor and run with the opportunity!”

~ Mayo Best- Paradigm to Digital


Carl is beyond your expectation of helpful! He is so wise in terms of business strategy, structure and application of thinking outside the box for the sake of progress with ingenuity! I highly recommend him & the services he provides to our growing community!”

~ DeeDee Jensen- GameChanger for Life


Carl is a very dynamic individual with proven suggestions in improving performance and results. His outlook and expertise are priceless.” He’s very insightful and you can learn a lot from him and his expertise.”

~ Rober Hohmann – Benefits Management Team


I met Carl in a few events I participated in and did a 1-2-1 with him. I found he is sincere, generous, and willing to help. I joined his group, and I believe I can learn a lot from him to help others succeed and be a better participant and mentor.”

~ Susie Chow


One conversation with Carl and you can tell he cares about helping you grow your business and has the experience and expert knowledge to help! Put him on speed dial!”

~ Todd Mitchell – CyberSecurity4biz


Carl has found the magic way of connecting with folks and what an awesome concept. Highly Recommend Carl and his vision of putting people together and creating a platform that makes sense and you don’t have to leave your office.”

~ Carl Nelepovitz – CITRMS CRMS


“Carl goes above and beyond to help businesses get connected with others that can help or benefit each other. I Refuse 2 Fail is a great way to connect and is not like other networking groups. If you have not reached out to attend you need to!”

~ Stacey Ducker – OFBS PROCESSING


Carl Lucchi is on a mission to help small businesses grow! Be sure to join his networking group as it provides an excellent opportunity to build your professional network. Connect with Carl to gain years of insight into how to make your small business succeed!”

~ Lori Brooks


I would recommend booking a meeting with Carl. Refreshing approach very frank knowledgeable, not the same old platitudes.”

~ Gary Adams


Carl is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional. Through his wisdom, experience and approach to networking, he helps others maximize their productivity and grow their business. I highly recommend you meet with him!”

~ Derek Wolf


Carl is a no BS straight to the point consultant and will move you forward in the direction you need and want to go! Success Builder Consulting will propel your business.”

~ Steve Sapato- Speaker