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Your reputation is more important today than ever! With all the online websites that provide reviews and testimonials like GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon and more. The good news is if you have positive reviews it can be very good for your business.

The Good News

The good news is if you have positive reviews and testimonials it can be very good for your business. People will believe what others say about you before they will believe what you say about you. If you can get video reviews it is much better than written because they are more believable and personal. I will discuss this more later in the post. Here are some stats provided in 2018 about reviews provided by “Conversion Sciences” .

  • 68% of millennials trust online reviews, with positive ones producing an 18% average uplift in sales
  • Consumer reviews are more trusted nearly 12 times more than descriptions that come from other manufacturers.
  • 90% of consumers read less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business which means these decisions being made are made quickly, without much hesitation.
  • Positive can also reviews help decide your ranking on Google

The Bad News

The bad news is usually people don’t voluntarily leave positive reviews. There are several reasons people leave bad reviews. They personally don’t like you, they have a competitive product or service, just didn’t feel they received a value. There are also some sicko’s out there that they call “review trolls” that do nothing but look for places to leave bad reviews. There is more bad news! Most people looking at reviews will look for the bad reviews over the good reviews. I think this is human nature because most people look for a reason not to buy vs to buy. One bad review seems to cancel out 10 or more good reviews when people are making a buying decision.

How To Manage Bad Reviews

If you have 20 to 1 good to bad reviews many times you can just ignore the bad reviews but if you are seeing more than 2-3 bad reviews it is important to address the reviews. Most platforms that allow reviews also allow rebuttals or replies by the business. It is important that you handle your replies professionally. If the negative review upsets you get away from it for a while and then when you get over the anger go back and professionally. Here are some simple steps to take.

  • Take ownership! Don’t argue the review but apologize that the person had a bad experience and that you would like to hear from them to see what you can do to rectify the situation. Note: Most times this is enough to take care of the negativity.
  • You may also state that you are sorry they misunderstood a policy, etc. and hope they were able to find a similar solution to their needs.
  • If you have a satisfaction guarantee you may want to offer to have them contact you to make sure they are satisfied or a possible refund. Even if you are right and they are wrong sometimes it is better to eat one sale than to have the negative review. You could ask when and if they contact you that they remove the negative review if they are now satisfied.

Testimonials On Your Website

These are a must and are good for credibility. Unfortunately written testimonials are seldom read on websites because they are not all real. The other reason is they know you are not going to list any negative reviews so why bother. Let’s face it you can write all the bogus testimonials you want and just use fake names or initials and no one would know. On the other hand if you have positive video reviews or testimonials people are more likely watch them and make a buying decision. If you create a video channel on Youtube you can also SEO the videos which could help your ranking on search engines. An even better way to have testimonials or reviews is to have a link to Google My Business page or other review website. If you are going to do this remember you need to continue to manage the linked review website so you can be aware of negative reviews.

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