The Value of a Mentor

There is more than one way to become successful in business but when it comes to knowledge there is nothing like time. you can always make more money but you can’t make more time! The good thing about going into business when you are in your teens or twenties you may think you have lot’s of time to learn, make mistakes and grow your success. The bad thing about this method is you will spend a lot of time and money making mistakes that someone who has experienced the issues and knows the formulas and techniques already knows. The fastest way to success is to find a mentor who knows the ropes and can save you time and money. In my workshops I always ask “would you rather do? Spend $250,000 or more and up to 30 years to discover success or spend a few thousand over a year or two to have a template for success?” The value of a quality mentor is priceless!

Where Do You find the right Mentor?

Ideally the best mentor is someone who is more successful than you, makes more money than you, has had a history of twenty to thirty years in business. A plus would be someone in your industry. If you find someone that is a mentor as a business be sure you get referrals from others they have helped. Another way is to go to work for someone who is successful and be willing to empty garbage cans, clean toilets or what ever you can offer to get their assistance and knowledge. Believe it or not most successful people want to share their knowledge and how they became successful. As a young man I worked for a billionaire for 13 years and then for an entrepreneur who sold the business for an estimated $150 million. Another way to find a mentor is hang out where successful people hang out. Golf courses are full of successful people. Build a relationship, leave your ego at the door and approach successful people asking them how you might help them in their business. They are usually not used to having this asked so they will probably ask why. Tell them how great you think they are (they all have big egos) and you would love to help them in exchange for some mentoring. You will be surprised at how many successful people will be willing to help. This will only work if you are willing to admit you don’t already have all the answers and willing to learn. You may sacrifice some income now but the value you will receive from a mentor can be priceless! If you are not willing to do this spend about twenty to thirty years and $250,000 or more making mistakes.

The Approach

Once you find a successful business person who you think is a good role model for you based on have some of the same traits, values and synergy then make the approach. Start a conversation, see if they are open to offering you answers to a business concern and develop a five to ten minute relationship. If you feel this may be the right person for you ask if you could buy them lunch or dinner to talk more about your business. If they agree you are almost there! Understand that most successful people are cautious when dealing with others because most of the time others want their money or a job. Will this work every time? NO! But it only has to work once if it is the right mentor. If at the meal you are able to develop a stronger relationship tell them you would like to offer them some assistance in their business if they would be willing to help you in your business. If they are in agreement they may make you an offer. If you are lucky you may find someone willing to help you free of charge or helping them. I continue to help people free of charge when I know they are open minded, willing to change, take chances, willing to fail and really need to succeed.

The Bottom Line

It’s never to late to get a mentor and it will save you time and money becoming successful in your business!

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