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Show Me The Money

February 4, 2019
Success Builders

How much money do you want to make?  Most people have no idea of how much they want or need to become successful. It varies for everyone but most people do not set a goal for how much they want to make. You have heard it before and it istrue: “If you don’t know where […]

Become Distinct or Become Extinct

January 1, 2019
Success Builders

What Makes You Different From The Competition? “It’s all about you” What sets you apart? In marketing jargon, this is also known as finding your “unique value proposition”. In a nutshell, this is what defines you as being distinct. It’s what you provide customers or clients that your competitors don’t, and how you can solve problems or improve […]

The Truth About Business Networking

December 5, 2018
Success Builders

As explained in the blog Conventional Wisdom and Your Business  “conventional wisdom is usually wrong”.  This is also true when it comes to business networking. Unfortunately most networking groups and people who teach networking are not teaching it properly. It is not their fault! It is because either they were not taught properly or they are […]

Conventional Wisdom and Your Business

November 8, 2018
Success Builders

What is Conventional Wisdom? The definition of conventional wisdom refers to something that is widely accepted as true, correct or proper. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom  is often wrong. This is no different when it comes to business and your success. Statistics say that most businesses don’t last more than five years. I believe the reason is most […]