Don’t Use “Google” for Ads

If you have been thinking of using “Google Ads” for your business they may are may not be the right solution for your business. I have provided clients with Google Ads for over 9 years and I will tell you the last place you want to go to have Google Ads is Google! You may be thinking “What the hell do you mean Carl?” What I mean is Google may be a great place to advertise your business but DO NOT have Google do it for you. Google is brilliant and that is why they are a worth billions of dollars. When you have them do your Ads they will get you lots of “clicks” but that doesn’t mean they will get you a lot of business. They are in the business of selling clicks not providing you with business. That being said you are bound to get a lot of people looking at your website but is that what you are looking for? How much is that worth to you? It could cost you $1,000’s in clicks with little to no return.

Here is an example of a client I have provided Google Ads management for over 8 years. This client is a local Chiropractor who was spending about $1200 per month in Google Ads and receiving about 120 website visits a month. He was getting about 1-3 new patients per month that wasn’t bad but not enough to pay his Google bill every month. I took over his Google account and he now spends about $500 per month and receives about 75-80 website visits per month and 1-4 new clients per month. So… how does less visits equal better results? He now has ads that bring him more serious searches and serious clients. More clicks does not always equal more business!

If you are considering using Google Ads I suggest you find a company that knows how Google Ads work and hopefully they will know if it will work for your industry! If they do hire them to manage your Google Ads for a 3 month test period to see if it is a value for your business growth. Google Ads has become an art and science and it changes all the time. Google does this to increase their net income and to keep businesses from doing it on their own. If you want to D.I.Y expect to spend about 30-40 hours to learn all the tips, tricks, and changes and an additional 10-20 hours a month after that managing your Google Ads. Note: even when you learn what and how Google will suggest ways to increase your “clicks” which may or may not be the right thing to do!

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i wish you the best in your business!

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