“Corona Virus Networking”

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Why a Corona Virus Blog?

I am writing this special “Corona Virus Networking” to let everyone know that just because you may not be able to attend your favorite meeting(s) you can actually benefit with the downtime during this unprecedented time for the world. This common since information can be applied to any situation when you are unable to meet with groups of people. You may want to read a previous blog I wrote ” The Truth About Business Networking” before you continue with this article. ” The Truth About Business Networking” is for those who are new to networking, those who think they know how to network, and those who would like to receive better results from their business networking.

Everyone attends “Networking” meetings and events for different reasons. Some attend for social reasons. They like meeting new people and want new friends. Many use meetings to try and get referrals for their business. Many are trying to sell the people they meet or get them to join their MLM or “Direct or Network Marketing Group”. As described in the ” The Truth About Business Networking” blog the meetings are NOT Networking! They are places being provided to put you in front of others so you can network with the right people after the meetings. Once you understand this you can take advantage of the current “Corona Virus” to make it work for your business.

What to do when you can’t attend?

Business Cards: If you have collected business cards at your meetings or have people you have been meaning to contact . .. call them and have a phone meeting. Ask them how they are handling the Corona situation and above all ask them how you may be able to help them. DON’T MAKE IT ABOUT YOU. This is what networking is. Meetings are just meetings! You will be surprised at how well networking works when you take the time to help others.

Fact: If you are using business networking as the end all for business success you are most likely going to struggle and/or fail! Those who are networking for business success should use networking for 20% of your growth and use regular marketing and advertising that has always worked for the other 80%. Most people who attend 4 plus meetings and/or events per month spend between $50 and $100 per month on travel, food/beverage, etc. plus any membership or entry fees they may pay. Use that money you are not spending at meetings to invest in marketing and advertising for your business. just because you can’t attend meetings is no reason to stop business! There are a lot of low cost marketing and advertising opportunities you can take advantage of during this time.

Research: What a great time to get smarter! I hope you don’t feel you already know everything about everything. I spend over 30 hours a week learning how to best help other people as well as myself. This is a great time to read, watch business videos and learn ways to grow your business.

Find a Mentor: I wrote a previous blog article called “The Value of A Mentor” . I have had three major mentors that helped me in business and it really is not that difficult to find if you are open, really want the help and willing to put your ego aside. Hint: If you are networking with the right people you probably know someone who is willing to help you. If you want more information about this read the previous blog or contact me directly with questions: 

Social Media: I am not usually a big fan of using social media to grow your business but it is a good way to keep yourself and your business “top of mind”. Now may be a good time to use social media connections and offer to help those connections during this time. There are many people struggling and helping others can never hurt you or your business.

Plan: The good news is most positive thinking people think this unprecedented time will pass and business will get back to normal. Now is the time to plan what and how you will network and do business when everything gets back to normal. When I say plan I don’t mean think about it! I mean write down a plan of action and follow the plan. Just thinking about it will not get it done. I used to be a financial planner and always advised people to set aside at least three months of savings for emergency or times when you can’t work as usual. Even if you can only set aside a few dollars a week or month it would be a great time to start so times like these are not as big of a problem.

Final thought: If you attended meetings at a local restaurant or bar the wait staff relies on your tips to survive. If you never tipped anyway . . . shame on you! If you normally tip $2.00 to $3.00 every time you attend a meeting you may want to tip them 2 to 3 times more the next time you are at the meeting. After all . . . you have been saving those tips!

I wish you the best during Corona virus situation. Be safe and stay well for your benefit as well as others.

Questions or positive input is always welcome:  Carl Lucchi / Success Builders

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