Business Success . . . Do you Want it or Need it?

About Business Success and You

Success is different for everyone. To some people success is being able to make just enough money to pay their bills. Others want to have a little extra to take a vacation and do things they can’t do unless they reach their personal success goal. Some people want to make enough to retire early without financial worry. A few want to become wealthy enough to grow a company and provide opportunities for others and afford only the best in life. Unfortunately most people have no idea what success is or what it takes. In this post I will provide an overview of minimal success to maximum success and what it takes.

Want Success or Need It?

You might think they are the same but there is a difference. Almost everyone you ask “Do you want to become successful in business” will say yes. The fact is they want it but only about 3% are willing to do what it takes to achieve true financial success. In other words they want it but don’t need it enough to become successful. It is said that over 90% of success in mental and about 10% work. I think it is over 90% need to succeed and the rest are the results. Let’s face the truth! The only time the majority of people need anything bad enough is when they stand to lose something or it is a life or death decision. It is amazing how people will do just about anything it takes when they need something but how little effort and risk they will take if they just want it.

What will it take?

First you must determine how much success you want and what success means to you. To help with this you should have a Personal Business Success Quotient (PBSQ). It basically is a simple formula to help you analyze your chances of success based on what you are doing now and what you are willing to do to acquire the success you need. The bottom line is you need to ask yourself some tough questions give honest answers and then possibly readjust how much you really “need” your success goal.

Once you have determined your success goals you need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. This is important if you really “Need” the success you want. It is explained well in the video below.

Low End Business Success Goals

For those who want to just get by or to pay the bills I suggest you get a job and work for someone who is at the other end of the spectrum. There is no shame in this and you will find that your chances of achieving your goal much higher. Most people who don’t have a driving force to become wealthy will fail as a business owner and end up getting a job anyway. If owning a business because you like the purpose do it part time or as a hobby business. . This way you have a steady income job to pay the bills and you still can enjoy having a business you enjoy. Otherwise you most likely will work hard, spend more money than you want, and ultimately fail.

Moderate Success Goals

If we are honest I think most people will fall into this category. Why? because it is easier to attain than the 3% who need it. This would be working at a well paying job with great benefits and a moderate retirement plan or owning a business that you run yourself that provides enough so you can pay your bills, save a little, and not work more than the typical eight hour day. It may take some risk taking and investment but usually not more risk than you mentally can handle. Unfortunately even moderate success is difficult for many because they don’t really need it as much as they say they want it.

Real Financial Success Goals

You know what I mean! The goals we all really want but don’t have the mental capacity to do what it takes to achieve it. We just don’t need it as much as we want it. This will take investing, learning, being able to take loss, working long hours and possibly seven days a week for a few years. It will also take family support and throw in a little luck if you want. The truth is we usually we make our own good or bad luck! You need to have an “I refuse to fail” attitude and “No” is not in your vocabulary. Failure becomes unacceptable! You need to be able to take criticism and not care what others think or say about you. You need to be able and willing to grow a team of people smarter than you. You need to do what you do best and hire others to do the rest. If this sounds like you and you really need it you may become one of the 3% that acquire real business success.

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